Jesus as Our Fortress

Psalm 27: 1-6

David, chosen by God, victor over bears, lions and Goliath the Philistine giant. A mighty warrior who lived in victory and the blessings of God. Yet, as we all do at some point in our lives, he also knew the taste of fear, sorrow and defeat. In our reading we hear David’s praise and call to the Lord, His light and His protection.

Have you been there? It’s closing in on all sides and crumbling beneath your feet. Out of energy, answers and hope whatever we do it is not enough. “Focus on the solution and not the problem” is what we have all been told. Often we don’t appreciate the way that sounds but do you have any idea how true it is?

David lived understanding that even in the darkest of times, times of challenge, failure and defeat, that God alone was his answer and solution in every situation. That truth is no different for us. Our need is to focus on our praise and who God is. David understood that with God as his light and salvation (verse 1) there was not a reason or a place for uncertainty and fear. David’s truth is ours as well. Each of us, as David did, is able to live in a confidence rooted in our relationship with God. This is the confidence that releases us from any fear (verse 3).

Trouble and problem free; that is not the life we are promised. To the contrary, we live our lives in a sinful world and will be challenged daily. In that we need to know that we are promised that a life in Christ enables us to be released from fear enabling us to live in victory overcoming challenges and fear. Regardless of circumstance, as David chose to do, we can chose to live in the light and within our fortress Jesus Christ.