When It's Time to Stretch Your Faith

Mark 2: 1-12

No way in, the house was packed with those wanting to be near Jesus. Those wanting to see and hear His words, maybe touch Him. Outside four men, committed to helping their paralyzed friend, climb to the top of the roof, open a hole and lower their friend to the feet of Jesus. We read of a dramatic scene that demonstrates Jesus’ authority. The obvious message is one of power and healing but what of the four roof climbers?

Very quickly, unable to complete their mission of entering the home, the four quickly reach agreement on how to next pursue their goal. They craft a plan to scale the roof and create the opening they need to achieve their objective by lowering their paralyzed friend. They demonstrate immense creativity, how else can we explain the ability to accomplish what they did? Above all else they are willing to take a risk. They are responsible for the damages to the home but beyond that they take a risk of faith. Their faith is put on the line on behalf of a broken brother in a determined effort to place him before Jesus. It is easy to focus on the healing and we should marvel and praise God for this miracle but at the same time we should also recognize the miracle of faith rewarded.  Jesus recognizes the faith of the rooftop friends and acts in response to it (verse 5).

Each of us will have an opportunity to stretch our own faith, a time to rally to a cause, use the creativity the Lord has blessed us with to make a way and ultimately take the necessary risks as we place our trust in our God of the impossible. The question we have to ask ourselves is a simple one. It is the same question four men who climbed a roof answered when faced with a daunting challenge. Are we willing to trust God enough to be bold, take the risk regardless of cost while expecting to experience a demonstration of God’s authority and power? What if the four men in Mark II had not answered with a clear and certain yes? What if, facing the same question, we fail to do as they did?