Babies in Barns


 As we know, things don’t always go as we plan.   For most of her pregnancy, Mary anticipated that she would be near family and have what was needed when her baby arrived.  Yet, things didn’t go as expected.   She found herself in a barn with strangers and animals, and none of the necessities that a baby would need.  What did she do?   She did what she could with what she had (wrapped in him cloths and placed him in a manger).  Then she “pondered these things in her heart”.  Rather than get upset, she quietly trusted that God was in control and He had great things ahead for her and her new family.

 Most likely, none of us will ever have a baby in a barn.  But sometimes our expectations aren’t met or maybe our dreams are crushed.  Don’t be discouraged when things don’t go as you think they should.  Instead, follow Mary’s example.  Look around – see what He has given you, and use it to serve Him and His kingdom.  Quietly trust that He is in control.  Then watch and see how He will use this event for much greater things ahead.