If- Then   Leviticus 26

In school, we learned that if we changed any part of an equation or formula, then we could expect different results.  This spills over into many areas of our lives.  For example, “if” you decide to use salt instead of sugar in your favorite cake recipe, “then” you will not get the same pleasant results as you normally would.   “If” you take a different route to work in the morning, “then” the results will be a different arrival time at work.   Often, we want to change from the standard and try the “if”  because it is easier or seems better to us. 

 In Leviticus chapter 26, God reminds us that His instructions are the perfect standard for our lives, resulting in God’s favor, abundant provision, peace, safety, victory and more.  “If” we choose, instead, to do things our way, “then” we pull ourselves out of favor with God, resulting in calamities, losses and defeat.

By daily spending time with God through reading His word and prayer, we will be able to make good, Godly decisions regarding our life and lifestyle.  Today’s scripture promises that these decisions will yield a closer relationship with Him, and put God’s favor and blessing onto our lives.