What The Tear Means For You

Luke 23:45

In the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection there is a lot to take in.  The Son of God, sent to Earth, sinless, died to have me.  And he died to have you.  That’s news that we can never tire of hearing about.  And even if that was all that He accomplished, our salvation and eternity in heaven with Him, it would have been enough. One final sacrifice that would cover the sins of mankind and change our eternity. But in the midst of this dramatic narrative found in Luke 23, there’s a small, almost unnoticeable verse.  It states that the curtain in the sanctuary of the temple was torn in half.  It seems odd doesn’t it?  Right in the middle of the most important death to ever take place, seconds before the Son of God utters His last words, Luke draws our attention to the curtain in the temple.

I think it’s because while Jesus’ death changed our eternity, it also changed our every day life.  And the tear in the curtain symbolized that.  This curtain was talked about in the Old Testament.  It separated what was dirty, filthy, disfigured and unworthy from the presence and the holiness of God. Only the high priest could go past the curtain and even then, only on special occasions. The curtain was a representation of the separation that the everyday man experienced from God.  And its tearing represented that now, everything that was filthy, dirty and disfigured was allowed to come to God and experience His grace not through someone else, not just on special occasions, but by themselves every day.  Accepting the free gift of salvation that was made possible by Jesus’ death is the biggest and most important decision that anyone could ever make.  But spending time daily in God’s presence, allowing Him to strengthen you, give you peace and guidance, allowing Him to take the disfigured, ugly things in our life and make us more like Him, that’s an every day decision.  Luke mentioned the tear in the curtain on purpose and God tore the curtain on purpose.  It wasn’t an afterthought or a coincidence.  So let’s make sure that our time spent with God isn’t either.  Make time with God on purpose today.  And watch how He changes your day to day life.