Even Your Enemies

When people's lives please the Lord,

even their enemies are at peace with them.

Proverbs 16:7

Have you ever met a Christian who had a complete confidence in the Lord? A person who is never afraid to speak the truth or do what is pleasing to God? if you know someone or you ARE someone like that, then you have seen this verse lived out in today's culture.

I had a coworker named Tim who was the associate pastor at a church and a full time worker at Starbucks. I was amazed when I started working there that not only did he (very loudly) sing Christmas hymns in the middle of June and bring his Bible and a journal to every shift, but he would have such an excitement about his job at the church., I always heard him say to other coworkers ā€œIā€™m preaching today at my church you should come and listen!ā€ He said what was on his mind and everyone respected him for it. Not only that, but the people who had every reason to find him annoying or pushy absolutely loved him. When we spend time with God and talk to Him, He will give us the confidence to speak out in His name, and when we follow His Word He will be with us along the way as we confront our enemies.