what would you do for your community if you were given $1,000?

We want to show our surrounding communities in Dover, Plymouth and Londonderry that we love them. Fill out the form below and tell us about your idea! Forms are due Tuesday, July 3, and winners will be announced publicly on Sunday, July 15.

Here's the criteria:

  • We will give out a grant of up to $1,000
  • This must be done with a group. Your group can be your Circle, your volunteer team, your friends from church, or your family
  • This cannot benefit a Christian organization or another church
  • All crazy ideas are welcome!
  • Not every project idea will be given a grant.
  • Ideas must be submitted by Tuesday, July 3 by applying online with the form below
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Completion Date
Projects must be done and completed between July 1st - September 30th.