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Circles are an important part of what we do here.  We don't believe you can tackle this thing called life alone and Circles provide the support, friendship, and sense of belonging that we all need.  We strive to provide groups that each and every person can feel comfortable and grow in and we would love to help you find a group that you can call your own.  Our next Circle semester is starting on the week of February 12. In the meantime, here's the answers to some common questions.

What can I expect?

Every Circle is different.  Some start out with a time of food and just hanging out, some get right into the study.  Some are more interactive than others.  Each Circle last about 1.5 hours.  The goal for every Circle meeting is that you learn more about God and develop real friendships with the people who are in the Circle with you.  Every Circle achieves this differently.  When you sign up for a Circle, your leader will send you more detailed information about what you can expect your first time there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Child Care provided?

Child care for each Circle is determined by the Circle leaders. On our Current Circles page you can see which Circles are kid friendly. We want to help you get connected to the right group, so make sure to let us know if you would like to join a group with childcare. Some of our groups split the costs for a babysitter, some of our groups don’t offer any type of childcare, and some make other arrangements.

When and where do Circles meet?

Circles meet in homes throughout the surrounding Dover area, as well as the nearby towns. Every Circle chooses a different day and time to meet, so if a certain day of the week works better for you make sure to look at the options available by clicking the link below.

How long will Circles meet for?

We currently run two Circle semesters a year.  Each semester is twelve to fourteen weeks long.

What will my Circle study?

Every Circle studies a different topic.  We strive to make a variety of topics and studies available to make it easy to find a Circle that works for you.  Take a look and see what is being offered this semester!