Since 2011 Nathan and Michelle have served as Lead Pastors at Restoration Church. Prior to his current position, Nathan served as Student Ministries Pastor for nine years. Nathan and Michelle have four sons: Benaiah, Abram, Asher and Benton.




What can I expect to hear?

Our music is modern and it is always about Jesus.  Our music is more than entertainment.  It is part of the way we prepare our hearts and minds to hear the Word of God and to respond to that Word.  We keep the lights low so you and your neighbor can feel comfortable worshiping the way that you want to and the music loud enough so no one but God can hear you sing.

When should I get there?

We have Sunday morning services across New Hampshire in Dover, Plymouth and Londonderry. Dover services are at 9:30 am and 11:15am, while Plymouth and Londonderry services start at 10:30am.  However, before our service we have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice that we serve for free. We recommend showing up early if you have children so you can have time to check them into their church service and still find your seat in the auditorium.

Why do you do things the way you do?

Our mission is to reach Just One More.  This means that everything we do, from Bible-based preaching to interactive kid's programs, is to bring one more person to the knowledge that Jesus died for them and wants to be their Savior.  We base every decision we make on this one principle.