Sinkholes: Week Three

In the third week of the “Sinkholes” series, Pastor Nate warns about the precursors to a collapse within our relationships; romantic, familial, friendship, etc. There are three areas in any relationship to shore up or avoid altogether; secrets, our ability to forgive, selfishness. Keeping secrets erodes trust, harboring grudges undermines trust, being selfish cancels out affection. As with any foundation, preventative maintenance goes a long way. We can learn to combat secrets with honesty, the inability to forgive with compassion, and selfishness with humility. It is going to take a lot more conscious effort to keep your relationships on a firm foundation than to let them collapse, and that includes your relationship with God as well. However, as Pastor Nate discussed at the beginning of the series; “sin will always cost you more than you’re willing to pay.” Once you’re attempting to pick up the pieces at the edge of the gaping crater in your life, you’ll wish you had a few of those minutes back when you could have laid a better foundation from the start or established some healthier habits and maintained it properly.