Advent: Week Three

In the third week of the “Advent” series, Pastor Nate reads from Matthew chapter two, attributing Jesus’ escape from Herod’s massacre of all the baby boys in Jerusalem to the gifts of the wise men. The wise men’s gifts, all but gold seeming foreign to us this day & age, would have been worth more than $1,000/lb each. The money that came from these gifts is likely what allowed Joseph & Mary, a poor carpenter & his wife, to relocate for a few years to hide Jesus from Herod’s wrath. Although Jesus had just barely drawn breath, God had already prepared a way for Him. The wise men didn’t come into these luxurious gifts overnight, nor did they decide on a whim to bestow them upon a baby born in a stable. Before Jesus was even born, before Herod had even threatened, God had known to begin providing the gifts & guidance to the wise men. The bible says that we are co-heirs with Christ; if God is willing to go to such lengths for Jesus, think of what He can & will do for you if you are faithful & believe it's possible.