Launch: Week Three

In the third week of the "Launch" series, Dover Location Pastor Dan Dedrick reads from Acts chapter 4 in which Peter & John persisted in spreading the gospel even after Jesus had been crucified & resurrected. "Persist, don't resist when opposition happens". It would have been far easier for them to renounce the name of Jesus & go back to living as they had before they knew Jesus. However, their mission was not finished and through His death & resurrection, Jesus became the ultimate example of perseverance for your mission. In His death, He showed that His mission was more critical than His own life & exemplified that there is nothing to fear when you're on mission, because not even death could stop Him. Pastor Dan leaves us with this meaningful quote; "if you're going through hell, don't stop at the rest area. Keep going." The perseverance of Peter & John helped to further the gospel even after most would have deemed the mission scrapped after the seeming loss of their captain. However, as Peter says to the religious leaders of the day; "even though Jesus is no longer among us, He is still alive."