Sit Next to Me

In the final week of the “Anthems” series, guest speaker Jonathan Cashman whom Pastor Nate attended bible college with, relates the song “Sit Next to Me'“ by Foster the People to the mission we should have as followers of Christ. Drawing from his book “Go” regarding discipleship, Jonathan details what discipleship is at its core; to be available for people and to carry God’s message to them by showing them love. Those who reject the church often do so because they either find it judgmental or bureaucratic. The attitude of a judgmental or bureaucratic environment would be the opposite of “sit next to me”, however, Jesus led His ministry in an attitude of following, doing and participating. Before His death, Jesus taught many but really connected with a core group which we call the disciples. For three years they observed and served with Jesus. The more they portrayed the “sit next to me” attitude, the more people were intrigued and whose hearts began to be opened toward Jesus. This was only possible through their sacrifice and willingness to love and foster others.