Begin Again: Week Four

In the final week of the “Begin Again” series, Pastor Nate Gagne speaks from Joshua chapter 24, in which Joshua proclaims the famous adage, ‘but as for my family, we will praise the Lord”. Joshua makes this statement in response to his question for the other Israelite people. Moses had only brought them so far, some had entered the promised land but some continued to question their next steps. In this statement, Joshua draws attention to the reason the Isrealites came as far as they had, God. Joshua proclaims that he will continue to follow God because he never could have gotten as far as he had without God. Although failure is not our future, as we have learned through the series, God will allow us to fail if we choose to. God is loving & just; His love moves Him toward blessing us, but His justice stays His hand when we decide we don’t want to embrace His blessings & provisions.