Uncharted Territory: Week Three

In the final week of the “Uncharted Territory” series, Pastor Nate Gagne speaks about the difference between miracles of action & miracles of desperation. Miracles of desperation are what we often think of; crying out to Jesus in our darkest moments of need. Miracles of action are often less thought of but more powerful; such as the lame walking, the blind seeing, the leper being cleansed. The more obedience, courage and faith a miracle takes, the more the action steps you modeled for someone else toward Jesus. It seems unbelievable when someone is miraculously healed, but that’s something only God can do. God calls us to miracles of action to pave the way for others as faith takes action which can only be modeled. Similarly, we only learned how to love once we saw Jesus’ love modeled for us. To step out in faith & experience the miracle of action is to help give someone else the courage to step out into their uncharted territory of exploring Who God is.