Does God Damn? Week 3

In this third installment of the series, "Does God Damn?" in which we are exploring the life of Jonah & the path he initially takes away from God's will, Pastor Nathan Gagne walks us through how Jonah eventually ended up at rock bottom in the belly of a fish after being thrown of a boat. At any point, Jonah could have repented (Turned back to God) & the storm would have calmed meaning he never would have had to endure three days in the fish's belly. But, as Pastor Nate stated last week, "Running from God never brings you anywhere you want to go" which was followed up by this statement this week, "pride keeps us in places outside of God's will". Jonah was too proud to bring the Good News to the sinning people of Ninevah; are you too proud to follow God where He's leading you?