Does God Damn? Week 4

Following a few words from Mike Chase, missionary to Taiwan, and a big announcement concerning the future of Restoration Church, Pastor Nathan Gagne wraps up the "Does God Damn?" series. In the 4th & final chapter of the book of Jonah, God causes a shade plant to grow above Jonah's camp on the outskirts of Ninevah just to cause it to wither. God then uses Jonah's own disgruntlement over the withering of the plant (the dissolving of his comfort) as an illustration for his selfishness in being unwilling to take up God's call to reach the 120,000 people of Ninevah who are destined for hell without intervention. Although we aren't all called to be missionaries or prophets, at some point we will all have to leave our comfort zone to accomplish God's will. Are you willing?