Letting Love Compel or Living as a Rebel?

In this standalone sermon, Pastor Nate examines Saul’s motivation in the book of 1 Samuel, chapter 15, in which Saul disobeys God’s commands and in response gets his rank of king stripped from him. Saul then rebelled against God for years & made his life more difficult than if he’d repented for sinning against God. Rebellion causes us to act in ways we don’t actually want to act because we led ourselves into places God never intended for us to go through the making of decisions He never intended for us to have to make. We rebel because we seek freedom, but the rebellion in & of itself becomes its own form of bondage. Later in the life of Saul, he became a follower of Jesus, after being brought low by his rebellion. It’s never too late to stop rebelling against God & instead allow yourself to be compelled by His love as opposed to repelled by it.