Begin Again: Week One

In the first installment of the “Begin Again” series, Pastor Nate Gagne speaks from the book of Joshua in which God promises Joshua the Israelite people will inherit the promised land, even after they had failed to for decades prior. Joshua had had a mentor in Moses & found himself discouraged once Moses died as he thought, if my hero couldn’t fulfill God’s promise, how can I? This is an extremely poignant scriptural reminder that although our heroes & examples may not live up to our expectations, we shouldn’t allow that to stop us from realizing God’s promises in our own lives. The Israelite people in the time of Moses were fearful, lacking in faith and were disobedient to God. For this reason, God held back the blessing of the promised land until His people had their hearts in the right place to receive His promise. These same deficiencies are what keep us from God’s promises today; we fear, we lack faith, we disobey. However, it’s never too late to begin again as Joshua does when, although it may have seemed irrational from an earthly standpoint, he decides to stand on God’s promise and make the changes his people need to make in order to fulfill the promise.