We Are the Church: Week Three

In the final installment of the, "We Are The Church" series, Pastor Dan Dedrick preaches about how our response to the mission we have can sometimes be more telling than the mission itself. Being willing to step out in faith isn't enough, we must also be willing to sacrifice on behalf of the mission. "Being available & ready are the very elements of what the mission calls us to do." Pastor Dan illustrates this by reading from the story of Zaccheus. Zaccheus was a notoriously dishonest tax collector who did what he had to just to see Jesus pass by, but instead of getting overlooked, Jesus stopped the entire procession to notice him. And in our day to day, we so often overlook other people in pursuit of our own mission or objective. In this way, Jesus shows us that even the smallest of the small or dishonest of the dishonest deserve our attention & deserve His grace.