Launch: Week One

Pastor Nate initiates the new series, "Launch", by comparing the preparations for the launching of a 3rd Restoration Church campus to the pre-flight checks used by NASA. You don't launch a spacecraft unless "all systems are go". Similarly, in our lives, God will give us "goes" or "no goes" based on the mission & trajectory He has planned for us. "If you pray as a last resort, you'll miss the resources God has for you. He wants us to see what He can do in us, through us & for us." In the same way, God uses the power of prayer as an example of His faithfulness in response to our own. Famous NASA scientist Jerry Woodfill was brought to an awareness of God through the power of prayer. He saw many miraculous things while at NASA but none more than Apollo 13. A mission that should have ended in total casualty but instead caused a world united in prayer to successfully see their prayers answered when, against all odds, the entire team returned safely home. The more you trust God, the farther He will expand your mission & the more you will have to depend on Him to see it through.