Mental Hell: Week One

In the first week of the “Mental Hell” series, Pastor Nate Gagne lays out the two causes for mental health issues; physiological & spiritual. Physiological reasons could be a diagnosed disorder or a chemical imbalance in the brain. Spiritual reasons could be an attack from tormenting spirits such as those Saul experiences in 1 Samuel 16 in the bible. There is no shame in experiencing mental health challenges due to either cause. However, the enemy will leverage spiritual forces against you, especially if you are already struggling in the physical, in order to try to get you to stop trusting God for a resolution or to keep you from asking Him to help you in the first place. There is definitely a space for conventional medicine & therapy in improving mental health. However, God knows everything about you; He has the power to bring your physiological issues into alignment as well as to chase away the tormenting spirits that plague you. It’s not God’s will that you should suffer & struggle but that you would be made whole, complete & confident in caring out your calling.