Mental Hell: Week Two

In the second installment of the “Mental Hell” series, Pastor Nate’s wife Michelle Gagne shares about her personal experiences in the mental health field as well as some of her own Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Even if things have happened to you in your lifetime, God can heal your mind & self-image where these experiences are concerned. God calls you “chosen”, “loved”, “a son or daughter”, “conqueror”, “coheir”, “beautifully & wonderfully made” and many other things. When we allow words spoken over us by others to drown out God’s voice, that’s when we lose His vision for us, and we often turn to self-medication tactics to fill the void. The more we seek out & embrace the person God says we are, the more confidence we will have & we may even be able to help someone else walk out of the lies dictating their lives as well.