Mental Hell: Week Three

In the final week of the “Mental Hell” series, Pastor Nate Gagne speaks about our human tendency to cover up our sins rather than confess them. The more we try to cover up, through substances, lies, or other means, the more energy we expend moving farther from God’s will. The truth eventually comes out & we only serve to hurt ourselves, and potentially others, in the process. God gave His son Jesus to set us free; the deeper we entrench ourselves in our sins, the more we suffer needlessly. It’s never too late & we can never walk far enough away from God to be unable to be redeemed by Him. You have to make a conscience decision to leave your mental hell in order for God to help you escape from it. The more you confess to God in your prayers, confess to others when asking for forgiveness & confess to yourself that how you see yourself isn’t how God sees you, the closer you will get to freedom from your mental hell.