Prodigal God: Week Two

In the second week of the “Prodigal God” series, Pastor Nate Gagne takes a new perspective on the prodigal son parable. Both sons missed out on the father’s love because they were too focused on material possessions. The younger son essentially wished his father dead, deserted his family responsibilities & exposed his family to economic hardship by leaving his place in the family economy & demanding the value of his share of the estate prior to his father’s death. The older brother disgraced his father by complaining about the injustice of his brother being welcomed back while he stayed begrudgingly to labor on with the family, not out of love but obligation so as to collect on his ‘investment’ upon his father’s death. Although the brothers dishonored their father, one in his request, one in his response, he still loved them unconditionally. Similarly, God is a good Father to those of us who have either walked away or judged those who have decided to return.