Prodigal God: Week Three

In the third installment of the “Prodigal God” series, Pastor Nate Gagne speaks about the younger son & his realization that he was lost and needed to turn around & go home. The younger son wasn’t necessarily worse off than the older son; pride is just as sinful to God as utilizing prostitutes. The difference is that the younger son eventually determined he was lost & made an effort to return home whereas the older son was lost all along & never realized or tried to course correct. The older brother sinned as he refused to offer his brother forgiveness & accused their father of playing favorites by throwing him a party when he returned. The lostness of the older brother was more corrupting than the lostness of the younger brother. The person with an attitude & perspective of the love of Jesus serves because they love their father, the older brothers slip into attitudes & perspectives of moralism; ‘I do therefore I am loved, others who don’t do shouldn’t be loved’. Jesus is for everyone, whether we are judging Him thinking He’d never take us back after all we’ve done or judging others because we don’t believe He should, He loves us just the same & is simply waiting for us to realize we are lost & return home.