Prodigal God: Week Four

In the fourth week of the “Prodigal God” series, Pastor Andrew Zemianek speaks about the principle of proximity not being equivalent to relationship. The older brother was in close proximity to the father, however, he missed out on a true relationship with him due to his pride & poor attitude. Conversely, the younger brother, who decided to leave the proximity of his father realized his error & came back which created a closer relationship between them than the brother who never left the household. The older brother robbed himself of the relationship with the father & his younger brother because he couldn’t let go of his pride & judgment. The older brother’s refusal to acknowledge his brother’s return kept him on the outside when the father was inviting him in. There is room for everyone at God’s table, whichever brother you decide to be will determine your relationship with God & your ability to love one another; wayward or self-righteous, both paths take you far from God.