Prodigal God: Week Five

In the final week of the “Prodigal God” series, Pastor Nate Gagne speaks about the celebration that happens in heaven when one person comes home or fully embraces the father where they have been keeping Him at arm’s length. It’s not for the church to judge the validity of their re-dedication or whether or not they are old enough or sincere enough to truly make that decision. Jesus accepts the young, old, those with a past, those who have previously scorned Him; Jesus accepts all. The church can become the older brother on the outside looking in because we are too self-righteous to accept our returning brothers as brothers. We can become complacent & comfortable in our church groups. However, God wants to invite more in, just as the Great Commission says; ‘go and make disciples’. God wants to open His house to everyone, whether or not we enter the party is up to us.