Upsidedown Kingdom: Week Three

In the third installment of the “Upsidedown Kingdom” series, Pastor Nate compares living to playing a game of softball. You can play to win or play trying not to lose. Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 16 that if you want to ‘win’, you have to lose. Jesus says if you try to save your life you will lose it whereas the person who gives up their life for Jesus will save His life. Jesus isn’t talking about here on earth but your eternal life. Things in life aren’t always going to go our way, just as things went from praise to persecution within a matter of weeks for Jesus. However, in losing His life, Jesus saved it because He was resurrected by God. In this way He modeled for us how to go through the trials of this life with grace. No matter what comes against us, the more we proclaim God’s message, we lose our earthly life but save our spiritual one.