Upsidedown Kingdom: Week Four

In the final installment of the “Upsidedown Kingdom” series, Pastor Nate Gagne illustrates Jesus’ principle of ‘give & it will be given to you’ through an example from the show Stranger Things. In the show, one of the boys nurtures a creature from the upsidedown world within the show. Because he gave food, love & shelter to this creature, when the time came, this creature whose nature it was to hate the boy actually allowed him & his friends to go free; ‘give & it will be given to you’. Jesus didn’t ask us to give money, forgiveness or mercy in order to receive anything in return. He desires for us to give sacrificially as He did when He laid down His life for us because of unconditional love. In our current culture, it’s difficult to imagine giving anything, let alone not having it be a painful experience. However, Jesus didn’t come for us because He owed us anything, He did it because He had a heart for us & wanted to see us saved from our sins. ‘Give & it will be given to you’ may seem an upsidedown statement, but the more kindness, mercy & grace you pour out, the more you will receive back.