Quit Church: Week Two

In the second week of the “Quit Church” series, Guest Speaker Mike Younus relays the message to quit simply giving our money away. God loves a cheerful giver, and desires to bless us, but as Pastor Nate spoke about in the fourth installment of “Upsidedown Kingdom”, God will use your measure to give back to you. So if you are not faithful & generous in your giving to others, neither will God be in His giving to you. Additionally, there’s no meaning behind it if you simply give just because you think you should or to get something back, God says to give sacrificially, which can be uncomfortable for us, but makes us that much more appreciative of the miracles once we experience them. Lastly, in Matthew 6, Jesus says that wherever your treasures are, that’s where your heart will be. So, if we store our treasures here on earth in the bank, that’s where our heart lives, but if we give to spreading the Good News of Jesus, our treasure is in Heaven with Him.